Why Is CBD Oil & CBD Products So Popular Now?

Why Is CBD Oil & CBD Products So Popular Now?

It seems you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing billboards for CBD oil, hear advertisements for products containing CBD, or view articles about how CBD oil can help you. Everyone from Mandy Moore to Dr. Gupta has been touting this natural compound, it seems. So, what is all the fuss? And why is CBD so ubiquitous these days? It helps first to understand what CBD oil is, and then we can explore the reasons why this natural compound is gaining in popularity.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a natural compound found in certain species of the cannabis plant. Hemp is one such species and, unlike its cousin which is commonly known as marijuana, hemp contains only very tiny amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound responsible for the euphoric high you get from using cannabis. Hemp contains exceptionally high concentrations of CBD, which is used to produce effects on the body, not the mind.

CBD produces relaxing effects that reduce inflammation, control pain, and can even help to relieve anxiety and other disorders. CBD does not get you “high” but instead affects pain receptors, the production of inflammatory compounds, and blood flow to tissues and the brain.

The Rise of CBD

Prime SunshineOne of the main reasons CBD is now so popular is that hemp production, which had been illegal for several decades, was legalized in 2018. When the federal government authorized the growing of hemp, it opened the door to CBD production. Because researchers have known of the benefits of CBD for a long time, and because it can help you feel better without affecting your mind like THC, it has risen in popularity as a natural, legal option for using cannabinoids to improve your health.

Users of CBD describe its effects as similar to taking a warm bath. For those with anxiety, it provides enough relaxation that worries are calmed, and you feel more comfortable around other people.

While some might suggest that CBD is popular because our aging population could always use a little help with issues like arthritis and chronic pain, others have noted that it is the perfect antidote to the high anxiety of today’s younger generations, as well. As a soother to the constant pressure of the information age, CBD offers something from everything, it seems.

CBD Products

CBD can be found in a wide variety of products today, including cosmetics, balms, dog treats, food products, and much more. It is marketed to those who are looking for natural alternatives, those looking for indulgence without the hangover or ill effects, and those with chronic medical needs that have not responded to other types of therapy. In short, CBD appeals to a broad audience and is more available than ever before, making it one of the fastest growing markets today.

Unlike other cannabis products that contain THC, CBD is not marketed as a recreational drug. In fact, most claims regarding CBD focus on the opposite effects, giving you the relaxing effects of a stiff drink without the hangover.

This natural compound has even reached the artisan niche of marketing, with many products using terms like “small batch” and “single origin” as a part of their packaging to up their credibility among those seeking organic, natural solutions for their health and beauty.

Most importantly, CBD offers a safe and reliable alternative to prescription drugs, which more and more people are eschewing these days or simply cannot afford. Because it can influence the body in such helpful ways, CBD has risen to a place of prominence in the alternative medicine sphere in a short amount of time.

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