What Are The Benefits Of Plant Medicine?

What Are The Benefits Of Plant Medicine?

The main benefit of plant medicine is that it’s completely natural. It helps your body heal naturally, going after the main issue rather than covering up a symptom only to have it arise again once the drug wears off. Like when taking over the counter medicine from the drug store.

Plants are not artificially made drugs from a laboratory with harmful synthetic materials in them like drug store medicines.

Plant medicine has no side effects when taken wisely, unlike many pharmaceutical medicines that can have deadly side effects. Just take a listen to commercials on TV about any drug they are trying to market to the public.

They include a long list of side effects and read off really quickly to keep you from really paying attention to the health threat these pharmaceutical companies are pushing.

The last side effect on that list usually says, “And it could cause death”.

When taking plant medicine for any health or healing issues, you can feel confident that you’ll be treating the problem itself. Unlike when you go to the doctor for that issue, they want to treat the symptom and make that go away, but not the health problem itself.

That’s why you have to keep going back to the doctor over and over again. Adding more and more medication to take, which in turn causes more issues in your body than you had to start out with.

The issue might go a way for a few hours only to return again, when their pharmaceutical medicine quits working.

Plants heal and give nourishment to the body. It’s constantly working to clean out the toxins out of your body every day. Just from the simple things you come in contact with, like the air you breathe, heavy metals in the environment and the junk food you sometimes enjoy.

Herbal plants help that process along, working in perfect harmony together to move out the bad stuff. Repairing and flushing out those toxins that will help you heal faster and become healthier.

Many drugs from medical professionals just clog up your system, making you feel tired and worn out, causing more issues rather than healing the problem. Even going so far as to kill off all the good bacteria in your body, ripping your body of the essential nutrients that it needs to repair and heal itself.

It’s just a guessing game when going to the doctor and you’ll often be sent home with more than one prescription. Switching one out for another, or adding two more to the mix after each session.

It can be a nightmare.

After just a few visits you might end up taking several prescriptions and feel no better, often worse than when you started going to the doctor in the first place.

Before long you’ll start having many issues. All due to the fact that the medical professionals are not trying to heal you they are trying to stop the symptoms from occurring.

Plant medicine works with the body to help repair itself, it goes after the problem and fights off infections. Helping you build up your immune system, not tear it down with synthetic properties. Plants will raise your energy level while moving out toxins in your body.

Making you stronger and able to fight off any infection before it starts. Plant medicine is a safer alternative to healing your body more quickly and efficiently.

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