Using the Modified Swear Jar System to Change Your Thinking and Achieve Personal Goals

Using the Modified Swear Jar System to Change Your Thinking and Achieve Personal Goals

So this exercise is not only meant to save for a goal, but to completely change a negative belief you have about yourself in one of your abilities, one which you doubt you are capable of achieving.

There’s no need to completely adjust your lifestyle in order to save for either a short or long-term savings goal. You can achieve your goals slowly, but surely with an old rule you may have had in your house when you were a kid. Yes, the swear jar!

What is the Modified Swear Jar System? So sometimes we swear because we can as adults. Not stopping you there! You’re old enough now to know when it’s appropriate and when it’s not! Besides, it can be a good way to release a lot of tension.

No, our modified swear jar is going to be a bit different this time.

Your modified swear jar is going to be the adult version of “if you THINK of a limiting thought about money, like “I’ll never have enough” or “I could never afford that”, you drop a dollar into the swear jar”. Any though that binds you or limits your ability to think of a better way to make or grow money, is your “swear word”, forbidden from being thought about ever in your household from now on, otherwise it’s a dollar in the jar!

You’ll be very surprised at how many times a limiting thought like that occurs in your head per day. You may even be able to fill up that jar in week!!! Or a month… Then with that money, you will use it towards something you wanted to invest in. That can be an investment in yourself, as in a course to study how to build a social media presence, or in a fund to watch that money grow even more, or even to buy a small piece of gold or silver, if available. Whatever will contribute to your growth.

How to Implement the System
First, it’s important to understand that simply dropping loose change into a jar will take you ages to achieve your savings goals. You’ll most likely need to up the ante and start placing bills into your jar. You can use one dollar, or the equivalent of one, or some bill of even higher denomination. The more you put in, the faster you get to your goal.

In addition, you’ll be able to catch yourself and see just how negative you can really be about your ability to make money. Once it comes to surface, you can do something about it.

First, though, you MUST recognize how much you think poorly about it, and then do something about it. If you feel inadequate about your money knowledge, well, use the money to pay for an online course. And then use the rest to build your nest egg, or further, your future empire!

It will be money well worth spent!

Try these additional techniques for growing your savings with the swear jar system:

No cheating. Make it a strict rule that you must make a deposit into your jar each time the incident occurs. If you let yourself off the hook once, you’re more likely to do it next time and thereafter.

Talk about it with people you admire or are friendly with. Make it feel like a compelling mission for you to change your thinking and behaviors and, at the same time, build up some cash for the new you. If they catch you putting yourself down for the behavior that you’ve decided should be penalized, have them call you out on it!  And when that happens, in goes a dollar into the jar.

This system works because it’s user friendly and risk free. Yes, you may be placing a considerable amount of money into the jar, but it will motivate you to ramp up your efforts as you can visually see your savings mounting.

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