The ABC’s of Healthier Living

The ABC’s of Healthier Living

Healthy Living does not always have to be complicated. This simple guide will give you an easy to follow A-Z breakdown of the most important things to do on a regular basis to live a healthy, full life!

A – Appetite should be your barometer for eating. In other words, we should only eat when we truly hungry and need food, not out of boredom, stress, or depression. Eating for emotional reasons rarely ends well, listen to your body and it will tell you when it really needs to eat!

B – Boxed food is rarely good for you, as are most processed foods. As much as possible try to stick with fresh vegetables and fruits, meats and other non-processed foods.

C – Carbs should always be taken in moderation, especially simple carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, pasta and so on. These types of foods have a negative effect on the Glycemic index and provide cheap, immediate energy but tend to create more fat. Stick with veggies if you need an energy boost!

D – Dates, raisins and other nuts and seeds are great snacks, take out the chips, candy bars and junk food and replace it with healthy alternatives!

E – Exercise every day! Even if it is the simplest or shortest workout, cultivate the habit of always exercising as part of your daily routine and habits, we are what we repeatedly do!

F – Fitness is better with friends! Group accountability and support are some of the greatest motivators we have, make sure you find a workout partner, train with a group of people you enjoy and make fitness a fun part of your life!’s o

G – Gut health is vital to a healthy life and may be one of the most overlooked aspects of building a healthy diet. Make sure to include probiotics and foods that are great for gut health in your diet plan.

H – Hearts are muscles too and they need to be worked just as much as our biceps. Keep your cardio consistent and always endeavor to maintain a strong cardiovascular system.

I – Interval training is your one –stop shop for both cardiovascular, aerobic, and strength in one shot. Moreover, this can be done almost anywhere in almost any time constraint. Make sure you are working some intervals into your training at least once a week to build up your metabolism.

J – Jump whenever possible! Plyometrics and jumping are not only great exercise choices to build up our anaerobic power and strength, but jump rope and skipping style exercises have been known to help with our lymphatic system as well.

K – K is one of the most important and overlooked vitamins. Vitamin K can be found in most green, leafy vegetables like spinach, and helps with protein synthesis and growing our hair and nails. Bottom line, eat more spinach!

L – Lungs need to be worked like the muscles and heart, more importantly spending time on breathing practices has a host of health benefits ranging from improved lung capacity, to lower heart rates and improved use of our parasympathetic nervous system.

M – Meditation is one of the most common practices of successful people and for good reason. Meditation has been scientifically shown to improve brain function and in some cases, be as beneficial as sleep. Even two minutes a day can go a long way!

N – Nutrition is possibly the most important aspect of health that we interact with on a daily basis. Keep it simple and eat lots of vegetables, lots of fruit, and lean protein and you’ll be doing great!

O – Osteoporosis is a common issue especially for women, however it is best fought and dealt with by increasing bone density through regular strength training.

P – Protein is the king of macronutrients, make absolutely sure you are getting enough protein every day. In addition, research has shown that consuming protein first thing in the morning can be an important aid in fat loss, and it helps to build muscle!

Q – Quinoa is a grain rising in popularity and its benefits include it is one of the only grains that also delivers protein. Cash in your rice, pasta and breads and get some quinoa!

R – REM (rapid eye motion) sleep, or deep sleep, is our best recovery tool for our bodies and brains. 8 hours of sleep is great, 6 is good. Under 6 is not so good, make sure you are in control of your schedule to get 6+ hours of sleep every night!

S – Strength and power are vital human skills and more importantly, the denser our muscles the greater our work capacity. Not to mention the aesthetic appeal, make sure you are training your muscles for strength every week!

T – Training is a long-term pursuit of self-improvement. Make sure you are invested in training rather than random exercise, make yourself better every day and work towards achievable goals!

U – Understand the do’s and don’ts of nutrition, especially when it comes to ordering at restaurants or drive-thru’s. Many menu options may look healthy or even claim to be, make sure you understand your nutrition fundamentals to make good choices!

V – Vocalize your goals and in terms of fitness, diet and health with your friends and loved ones. A strong support system will help you to overcome temptation and depression and keep you on track for a healthy and full life!

W – Water should be the number one liquid we consume, yet often it isn’t. The recommended 8 glasses are key, always stay hydrated and drink plenty of water every day for great health!

X – X-rays are one example of the regular check-ups you should be getting every year, along with others. Make sure you get regular screenings appropriate for your demographic and see your medical professional often.

Y – Yoga and other flexibility training is a great method to prevent potential injuries, improve range of motion and decrease stress. 10-15 minutes a day will make a huge difference in how you move and feel throughout the day!

Z – Zeal. Be a zealot for health and fitness and live it every day! Through your zeal you will live your life with energy and encourage everyone around you!

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