self care

5 Key Tenets of Self-Care

How good are you at practicing self-care? Self-care entails taking the time to manage our individual physical, mental and emotional wellness. Good self-care habits are essential in terms of how…

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Are You Still Stuck In a Rut? Here’s How to Overcome Stagnation

We’ve talked about this before, but sometimes it takes a number of times to hear in order for it to sink in. So let’s try again… Do you feel like…

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Practical Ways to Resume Working Out

Practical Ways to Resume Working Out After a Long Lapse

Congratulations on deciding to exercise again! If you’re returning from a long lapse, there are practical adjustments you can make to rev yourself up and avoid injuries. These techniques will…

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How to Boost Your Memory

Although many things about the brain are still unsolved mysteries, we’ve learned a lot about memory. Your brain is made up of 100 billion neurons. As you grow up, develop,…

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sad couple

Slashing Calories on the Sly: 15 Weight Loss Tricks

When you’re trying to lose weight, the last thing you want to think about are all the delicious foods you’re trying to cut back on. Give yourself a break with…

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sharp mind

9 Strategies to Keep Your Mind Sharp

There’s a lot you can do to keep you mind sharp or even enhance it. There are a variety of ways to exercise your brain, from learning something new, to…

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woman napping in the college classroom

9 Benefits of a Daily Nap

Napping gets a bad rap. Many people think that napping is for lazy, old, or mentally weak individuals. However, napping is common among mammals. Look at how much time your…

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