Vitamins and Your Mental Health

The Surprising Truth about Vitamins and Your Mental Health

You probably know that vitamins can enhance your physical well-being, but how do they affect your mental health? Many mental health professionals and patients report positive results from using a…

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working at home

How to Survive Another Day Inside

Has your mood been a little down in the dumps lately because you’re having to stay at home? Are you looking for some ideas to enhance your mental stability? If…

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meditating monk

Are You Living With Hidden Wounds? A Surefire Method to Healing Them

It may sound odd, but a good number of people still live in the past. Sure, they are here in the present, but mentally, they’ve let the past and all…

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How Your Mental State Influences Your Immune System

Your immune system’s performance can be significantly impacted by your level of stress and general mental health. Your immune system defends you against more than simply colds and the flu….

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Bathing

Soaking in a warm tub doesn’t just feel good. Bath time can provide a wide variety of mental and physical health benefits. Sure, doctors in ancient Rome may have overestimated…

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mind at shape

8 Ways to Keep Your Mind in Shape

A lot of us are concerned with the size of our biceps or the girth of our waist. Having a fit body is important. However, keeping your mind in shape…

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Ketosis and Fat Loss

5 Proven Benefits of the Keto Diet

Carbs are an important part of the human metabolic process. They are stored in our liver and muscle cells in the form of glycogen. Their role is to serve as…

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13 Habits That Are More Effective Than Brain Health Supplements

About 25% of adults over age 50 take brain health supplements, but there is little to no evidence that they do anything to increase memory or other mental functions. On…

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9 Practical Strategies to Boost Your Energy

You might have great goals and well-laid plans, but if you don’t have the energy to push through each day, you’ll never get around to accomplishing anything significant. Your energy…

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woman stress

Women and Stress

It is true that anyone can experience stress, but women are at a higher risk for getting this mental health condition. Stress can come from many sources, from work or…

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