Natural Pain Relief: Can CBD Oil Help Relieve Pain?

Natural Pain Relief: Can CBD Oil Help Relieve Pain?

Can CBD oil provide natural relief from pain?

As you grow older, your body may start to ache. It’s common to experience pain in the back, neck, shoulders and elbows. These body aches are more common in women from the age of 50 and above compared to men. However, it is important to note that anyone can potentially benefit from use of CBD in their daily life.

Most likely, it’s at the maturing age that you’ve probably been more conscious of supplements that are rich in calcium, and other “aging” supplements. More often doctors will begin prescribing you drugs for use in pain and inflammation management.

Sometimes you will experience relief for a short time, but beware of potential side effects that accompany the use of these drugs.

For this and other reasons, people have turned to the use of CBD products. The question is can CBD oil really help to relieve pain? Does it have severe side effects?

In this article, we will be looking for answers to the above questions and more. So if you have been wondering about CBD oil, read on.

What are CBD Oils

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in the resinous flower of the cannabis plant. It is one of the 100s of unique cannabinoid compounds found in the oily resin of the plant.

The oily part is sticky and gooey found in mushroom-shaped trichromes. The oily substance is rich in medicinal compounds, which include CBD,THC and other aromatic terpenes. The oil has antibacterial, antifungal, and insecticidal properties.

So you can see that the oil is good for the health of the plant, which potentially means it has substances that can have health benefits for us. So how is the CBD oil that is beneficial to human health made?

How CBD Oil Is Made

To make high-quality CBD oil, you must first start by choosing a CBD rich plant. Once selected, there are many ways in which CBD oil is extracted. Some methods are safer than others. For example, oils made with solvents like butane and hexane can be harmful to your body hence defeating the purpose of it helping you get well. In this segment, we look at three ways to extract CBD oil.

1. Extraction by CO2

This process involves the use of carbon dioxide under high pressure and shallow temperatures to isolate, preserve, and maintain the purity of the oil. The downside of this process is that it needs expensive equipment and a steep operational learning curve. If done well, the result is an oil that is safe, free of chlorophyll, and potent.

2. Ethanol

Ethanol is a high grain alcohol that is used to make CBD oils for vape pen cartridges. Its downside is that it destroys certain plant nutrition that may be beneficial to your health.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a safe and inexpensive way of extracting CBD oil from the cannabis plant. The only problem with this method is that it’s highly perishable and so once made, it is advisable to store it in a cool dark place and consume in a timely manner.

How Does CBD Oil Relieve pain?

Whether you are experiencing pain in your back, neck, or any part of the body, we are now sure that CBD oil has the potential to give you safe, much needed pain relief. This is the reason why most people are shifting from other medicines and taking up CBD oil for pain.

It is a subject that still has medics awed by its effect on pain. And even though there isn’t clear evidence of CBD’s reaction in the body, its sales have continued to skyrocket.

The majority of cells in the human body contain transmitters called endocannabinoid receptors, which bind cannabinoids to the nervous system. According to studies, CBD can help reduce pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, hence reducing inflammation.

According to a 2018 review that looked at how effective CBD is on chronic pain, it concluded that CBD was effective in general pain management and had no serious side effects. The review was based on studies that were done between 1975 and 2018.

Dosage of CBD Oils

CBD oils can be taken by placing oil drops underneath your tongue (sublingually) and holding it for at least one minute before swallowing. This allows for speedy absorption of the oil into the bloodstream.

There are other ways you can consume CBD oils

– By applying on your skin

– Ingesting in edibles

– Inhaling by smoking or vaping

The dosage can be one to two drops a day. It is advised to start in small doses and gradually increase until you get the desired effect.

CBD Oil Side Effects

As much as we have stated that CBD oils have no serious side effects, there are a few which are not severe. However it is good to know about them so you can be alert or know how to handle yourself. Some of them are:

– Fatigue

– Weight changes

– Diarrhea

– Fluctuating appetite patterns

There may also be interactions with;

– Over the counter drugs

– Prescription-only medicines

Dietary supplements

Be careful if any of your supplements contain grapefruit because grapefruit and CBD may interfere with enzymes that are important in drug metabolism.

Also, CBD oils, just like many other drugs, may cause liver toxicity.

Take Away

Finally, we have a lot more information concerning the use of CBD oils in the management of chronic pain. At around the age of 50 + years, it is crucial to contact your doctor if you want to start using CBD oils. The doctor can help you to determine a starting dose and if it may interfere with any medication you are taking.

The use of CBD oil is good at maturing ages to manage pain, especially in women and men who tend to have more complications as they age. However, It is generally considered a safe, effective and especially natural way to treat and manage pain and inflammation at any age.

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