Manage Your Messes Like Magic

Manage Your Messes Like Magic

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Having said that, how do your surrounding look like?

It may seem easier to leave your surroundings messy and out of order, but an organized living space leads to a clear mind and a sense of peace.

When your things are in order, you avoid the frantic, nervous scrambling to find your car keys when you’re late getting out the door. The important papers you need are easy to locate when you need them. And, a cluttered home constantly reminds you of all those stressful things you could be doing instead of relaxing.

A tidy home or office saves time and reduces stress.

Follow these easy tips to turn your home or workplace into a productive, peaceful space:

1. Make a “things to do” list every day. Prioritize your list by placing the most important items at the top. This will provide a framework for your day and keep you on task. Your to do list minimizes distractions and keeps you focused on the best use of your time throughout the day.

* It’s easier to stay on top of clutter when you manage your schedule effectively. A structured day provides the motivation and foundation you need to set things up in an orderly manner.

2. Rely on yourself. Self-reliance builds self-confidence. And, when you pick up after yourself instead of relying on others to do it for you, you know exactly where you put things. That way, everything has its place and you know that place.

3. Make it a habit to put things back in their place after use. This is the easiest way to keep your place tidy. The next time you need that important document or you’re rushing out the door and need your car keys, you’ll know exactly where they are. You’ll save time and feel less frazzled throughout the day.

4. Finish your list today. When you make your to-do list short and manageable, your day runs more smoothly. Seek to limit the items on your list to the most important five or six, and strive to complete them all by the end of the day. A clean slate for tomorrow means less clutter in your space and in your mind.

5. Finish assignments early. One of the most efficient ways to create a peaceful home or work environment is to provide a cushion in your schedule for things that may go wrong. If you wait until the last minute to accomplish everything that needs to be done, your life will be in constant chaos.

* Instead, plan your schedule so you finish projects a few days early. Less scrambling at the last minute means less of a paper pile up. It also means less missed deadlines and less stress for you.

6. Throw stuff away. The most frequent cause of a disorderly home or office is too much stuff. The quickest and easiest remedy is to grab a huge trashcan, your favorite upbeat music and a friend. Spent a couple hours getting rid of as much stuff as you can, and reward yourself with a nice dinner afterwards.

* Go through each item or piece of paper, asking yourself if keeping the item is really necessary. When was the last time you used this item? When will you need this piece of paper again? How is it contributing to your happiness or success? The more ruthless you can be in this process, the more productive it will be.

With these simple steps and the determination to reclaim your space, you can experience the peace that you deserve within your home or office. Get started today and begin to manage your mess like magic!

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