Loving Your Feminine Body

With the media today focusing on impossible to achieve proportions for women, it’s hard to think that you could possibly be desirable if you don’t look like the women on TV and in magazines. The reality is, the average woman in America weighs 164 lbs. and is a size 14.

A positive self-image is one of the top things most women struggle with. So, how can you learn to love your body the way it is?

First of all, you need to focus on what you do like about your body. Here are some questions to get you thinking about the things you DO like about yourself:

* What areas do you get complimented on the most? What do others notice about you first when you walk into a room?
* Are you shapely with a larger busts and hips? Do you have a womanly figure?
* Do you have nice legs? Are they thin and long? Are they muscular and strong?
* Do people comment on how pretty you are or often say that you have beautiful eyes?
* Do you like to show off your feet with pretty sandals or open toed shoes?
* Is your hair shiny and beautiful? Do you like to touch it or play with it?

Instead of being overly critical and negative, be grateful for the body and health you do have. So give yourself permission to see and accept the good!

Boosting Your Self-Image with the Perfect Clothing

Learning to love your body is important because having a good self-image empowers you in many ways. When you love the way you look, you feel more confident and confidence gives you the ability to do anything you set your mind to.

Dressing for your body type also plays a big part in how you look and see yourself, so it’s important to know what color, style, shape and material of clothing looks best on you. If your closet is full of worn out t-shirts and old faded blue jeans, it’s time for a wardrobe makeover.

Take a good, honest friend or family member shopping with you to help you choose clothes that fit well and colors that look best on you. Updating your wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive either. Begin by shopping resale stores. Oftentimes you can find brand name, never worn clothes at prices greatly below retail. However, don’t settle for less than the best for your body type. If you can’t find the perfect items for your body, then don’t buy the clothes just because they’re cheap.

Build your wardrobe from the bottom up, starting with the basic necessities:

* Black dress pants for work or an evening out
* One dressy blouse for work or an evening out
* One power suit for job interviews or business
* A black skirt
* Camisoles in a variety of colors for layering
* A well fitting pair of blue jeans for casual days
* 2 to 3 casual tops (by casual I’m not talking t-shirts either)
* 2 pair of shoes: 1 for dress and 1 for casual

When you’ve got the basic necessities, then you can build your wardrobe up from there by adding dressy blouses or tops in different colors and styles, more skirts in various styles and colors and so on.

Once you start loving your body by recognizing what you do like about it and dressing to fit your body type, you’ll gain a whole new confidence like you’ve never felt before and other people will take notice too. You may notice others reacting somewhat differently toward you as they respond to your new confidence. Heck, you might even get a raise!

So start learning to love your body now. You’re beautiful!

Originally posted 2020-05-07 18:03:38.

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