How to Survive Another Day Inside

How to Survive Another Day Inside

Has your mood been a little down in the dumps lately because you’re having to stay at home?

Are you looking for some ideas to enhance your mental stability?

If you’re starting to feel a bit sad or sluggish just sitting around the house, moving your body and stimulating your mind can help you to feel better.

Now is the time to get yourself and your needs back on track. Your mental health is important!

Your self-care needs to be a priority right now. What about trying some simple indoor activities to boost your mental health and energy levels? Even when you’re stuck at home, you can still have fun!

If you’re spending a lot of your time inside, try these fun indoor activities to give yourself a boost:

1. Try yoga (or pilates, or dancing, or trampolining, or anything! You get the idea). Yoga is actually a lot of fun! The best part is that you can be a beginner and start at home.

● Find a yoga video online that looks fun to you. Work out with the video and you’ll be feeling relaxed and stretched out in no time at all. Take it slow, and your body will start to get used to the new movements and poses.

2. Take a relaxing bubble bath. Do you know how many bubbles your tub will hold? If not, it’s time to find out! Fill that bathtub to the rim and hop right in.

● There’s nothing like a bubble bath to rejuvenate your energy and make you relaxed at the same time. Take your time soaking as well. This also works with aroma oil, and bath bombs you can find at your local drugstore.

3. Write in your journal. Going through a difficult time? Self-care also means that you’re taking care of yourself mentally, too. If you have a journal or notebook, why not write out some of the stories and thoughts that you have in your head?

● Think of it as your own little therapy session where you’re getting them out of your head and clearing out that space in your brain. The more room that you make, the less stress that you’re going to feel.

4. Have a real conversation – call up your best friend on the phone. Texting back and forth to your friends is fun, but there’s nothing like a good old phone call to be able to hear their voice.

● Call up your best friend and just see what they’re up to. Talk to them, find out about their day, and enjoy every word that comes out of their mouth. Sometimes even hearing about their problems and helping them feel better not only helps them, but makes you feel good about helping them.

5. Order delivery and put up your feet. It’s time to pamper yourself! Heal yourself, whether that be comfort food or healthy organic food, today is the day to heal yourself from within. When it comes to self-care, who says that you really have to do much of anything? If you want to order in a large cheese pizza and put up your feet, then that’s what you need to do. Being in your house means that you get to set and play by your own rules.

Your home is a space that can offer you many comforts and allow you to be yourself. Use it as a way to boost your mental health and also spoil yourself, too. You deserve some pampering!

Now is definitely the time to relax while you’re at home. Just be sure to promise yourself, “Okay, I need to heal myself today. But tomorrow, we will do things to make us feel good, strong and powerful inside and out!”

The longer that you wait for self-care, the more stress you’re going to allow to pile up. So start today.

6. Your parents are thinking about you. If you parents are still around, even if they are not, the thought of you is going through their very essence. You are a part of them just as they are a part of you. And somewhere, doesn’t matter how they physically treated you in the past or what they said (they’re human, too), they now care about you and love you.

●It is always important to know someone out there cares about you.  You are not alone.

7. Your children see you with unconditional love. If you have children, or take care of a little one from time to time, you know they only see what’s inside of you. They accept and only recognize that which is pure and true within you. They are your big chance at being the awesome one you thought you could always be.

●It’s also important to know that if you have children, they look upon you with the gentlest, purest form of love there is. Spend time with them now and truly share in their joy while you can!

You can turn things around right now. These really can be the best of times if you look at what’s most important in your life.

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