How To Crush Your Goals In 2021 & Be Your Authentic Best Self!

How To Crush Your Goals In 2021 & Be Your Authentic Best Self!

Do Your Values Support Your Goals?

There’s a good chance that something is wrong between your goals and your values. If our goals are conflicting with our values, it’s impossible to succeed. We don’t like to behave contrary to our values. If a mismatch exists, something will give.

Your values might not be in line with your goals if you’re constantly falling short of your dreams.

Use these techniques to set goals that support your values:

1. Write down your values and why they matter to you. Most people never give their values a second thought, which is a shame because values guide a person’s thought, decisions, and actions.

Spend 30 minutes listing your values. Put them in order of importance.

Consider whether your behavior matches your values. If not, what set of values would you choose?

Many of us imagine the ideal version of our intentions, values, and qualities.

2. Identifying your objectives in life is the first step to any great success. What are the things you want to accomplish? Are you trying to get a six-pack? Write your first screenplay? Save the whales? Build your own real estate empire?

3. What are your current values? If your values and goals don’t match, there’s little chance of success without something changing.

In other words, if you think wealth is bad, you’ll never accumulate much money.

If your preference is comfort, then you will never attain a six-pack.

Do you want to have lots of free time? This goal wouldn’t happen if it took a lot of effort.

Examine your goals and ask yourself: Do they align with your values? Will your values support your goals?

4. How would you be different if you had these values? Imagine building a person from scratch that would possess the qualities and values you want.

Now think about the people you know who achieved what you want to accomplish. How would you describe them?

5. Are you able to come close to matching those values? How well can you rearrange your values to match those ideals? The closer you are, the better your chances are of success.

6. Reinforce the values that are important. Imagine wanting to save $20K for a down payment on a home. You also want to be someone who values saving money over spending. How can you reinforce that value in yourself?

Prove you’re that type of person: Try picking up pennies off the ground whenever you see them. Cut coupons. Find alternative ways of dealing with stress than shopping. Save a portion as soon as your paycheck hits your account.

When you keep proving to yourself that you possess a value over and over again, those actions will build and reinforce that value.

Are your values and your goals synergistic? That’s important. When there’s conflict, either change your values or your goals. There’s only so much resistance a person can deal with. It’s much easier to achieve success when your values and your intentions are super compatible.

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