How Do I Start My CBD Journey?

How Do I Start My CBD Journey?

What Dosage is Right for me?

Today, walk into any health food store and you will be bombarded with hundreds of CBD products with different claims and dosages. It can be overwhelming to try and discern what’s right for you when there are so many products ranging from 1mg to thousands of milligrams of CBD. Thus it is not surprising that one of the most common questions about CBD is: How much CBD is right for me?

How Do I Start My CBD Journey?You’d think at this point, with all the research that has been done into CBD and cannabis, there’d be a formula or roadmap to the perfect prescription, as your favorite doctor would provide. But we’re sorry to say that we don’t have the perfect answer either, and here’s why: There’s NO standardized dose for CBD.

Even though there are more and more studies every day discovering new benefits in cannabinoids, science has been unable to draw any conclusions when it comes to dosage. However what we do know is: Cannabinoids are incredibly unique and effective compounds that elicit individualized experiences for its users.

The myth of the “one size fits all” model of health is being dispelled in modern medicine in favor of more individualized health and wellness approaches, such as CBD. If you are looking for a starting point in your CBD journey, here’s how we recommend you start: 25mg of CBD taken twice a day.

We recommend an edible or tincture with clearly defined dosage amounts and COA certification, to ensure the dosage is as advertised. The top-tier companies, like Being Hemp, are made in GMP-certified labs to ensure consistency, safety, quality control and reliability for every batch. This will allow you to confidently know how much CBD you’re consuming, and adjust as you see fit.

We recommend that you try increasing dosage every 3-4 weeks by 25mg until you find the symptom relief you are looking for. Be mindful that everything from our kidney nephrons to our endocannabinoid systems can affect our overall physical health.

Here are some general rules of thumb for introducing any new food or supplement (not just CBD) into your body…

1. Always start small, and take it from there. Nobody would eat an entire tub of spinach in one sitting to “boost” their iron levels.

2. React to your body. One helpful trick is to keep a journal and keep track of your daily physical well being as you make changes to your diet.

3. Do it the old-fashioned way, and talk to a trusted healthcare practitioner. We know how difficult it can be to talk to our doctors about anything, but now via telemedicine, MDs, NDs, and other professionals can be more easily reached to get questions answered.

4. Become informed on the product. The most reputable companies will provide a lot of helpful educational information in reference to their products. Check out websites like Being Hemp to learn key terms, FAQs and other pertinent CBD facts to better understand how it can benefit your health.

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