How Do I Start My CBD Journey?

What Dosage Is Appropriate for Me?

Today, you can walk into any health food store and be assaulted with hundreds of CBD products with various claims and dosages. When there are so many products ranging from 1mg to hundreds of milligrams of CBD, it might be difficult to know which one is suitable for you. As a result, it’s not surprise that one of the most often asked CBD questions is, “How much CBD is suitable for me?”

With all of the study done on CBD and cannabis, you’d think there’d be a formula or roadmap to the perfect prescription, as your favorite doctor would provide. But, unfortunately, we don’t have the ideal answer either, and here’s why: CBD does not have a set dosage.

Despite the fact that new studies on cannabis are being conducted on a daily basis, science has yet to reach any conclusions regarding dosage. What we do know is that cannabinoids are extremely unique and effective substances that produce customized experiences for their consumers.

In modern medicine, the fallacy of the “one size fits all” health model is being debunked in favor of more personalised health and wellness methods, such as CBD. If you’re searching for a place to start on your CBD journey, here’s where we recommend you begin: Take 25mg of CBD twice a day.

To verify that the dosage is as promised, we propose an edible or tincture with clearly defined dosage amounts and COA certification. Top-tier CBD oils are manufactured in GMP-certified laboratories to ensure uniformity, safety, quality control, and dependability in every batch. This will let you to know exactly how much CBD you’re eating and adjust as needed.

We recommend gradually increasing your dosage by 25mg every 3-4 weeks till you achieve the desired symptom reduction. Keep in mind that anything from our renal nephrons to our endocannabinoid systems can have an impact on our overall physical wellness.

Here are some general guidelines for incorporating any new food or supplement (not just CBD) into your diet…

1. Always begin small and work your way up. Nobody would consume an entire tub of spinach in one sitting in order to “raise” their iron levels.

2. Respond to your body. One useful tip is to keep a notebook and track your daily physical well-being while you make dietary adjustments.

3. Go the old-fashioned route and consult with a reputable healthcare practitioner. We all know how tough it can be to talk to our doctors about anything, but thanks to telemedicine, MDs, NDs, and other professionals may now be accessed more readily to answer queries.

4. Educate yourself about the product. The most respectable companies will provide a wealth of instructive information about their products. It is critical to comprehend the essential terminologies, frequently asked questions, and other relevant CBD facts in order to better appreciate how it can assist your health.

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