fitness class ideas for women

Empowering Fitness Class Ideas for Women

Feeling empowered is key for a woman’s happiness. It brings confidence and a feeling of control, especially in fitness. Yet, many women find it hard to feel strong in their…

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Tight Calves

What Every Woman Needs To Know About Tight Calves

Calf muscles play a crucial role in our daily activities, from walking and running to standing and jumping. However, many people underestimate the importance of maintaining healthy calf muscles and…

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salsa dancing

Losing Weight with Salsa Dancing

If you’ve been trying for months to lose those extra pounds and those love handles are no longer showing you any love… If you’re tired of the high gym memberships,…

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training in karate

3 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman MUST Know

The hard truth is that we live in a world where danger can pop up when we’re least expecting it. If you looked at the latest crime statistics in the…

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Top 5 Health Screenings for Women Over 50

Man or woman, as we age there are essential health screenings that should be performed at least once a year, if not more. Proactively checking your body is a key…

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Lose Weight Naturally By The Quality of Your Sleep

You probably didn’t know it, but one of the best times to lose weight is while you sleep. That’s because the human body is designed by nature to repair itself…

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5 Great Workouts For A Sexy Butt

When your fitness goal includes having a sexy butt, you need to make sure that you’re selecting exercises that target the glutes and upper thighs. Choosing the right exercises will…

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Challenges of Men That Women Might Not Understand

(Ladies, if you think we’re rooting for the men here, we’ve posted one for how hard women have it as well!) Women think that being a man is easy. Some…

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A 3-Step Formula For Slimming Down With Less Stress

While losing excess weight is generally good for your health, taking off those pounds can be stressful. Or, if you’re like many people, you check the bathroom scale each morning…

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single mom

Stress Tips for Single Moms

Being a single parent may be common today, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Many single moms are experiencing dangerous levels of stress, and they don’t see any way around…

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