tap your mind

Tap Into Your Imagination and Release Your Creative Genius

You have a powerful imagination even if you don’t realize it. Your brain is able to generate some great ideas. While your imagination is always available, it’s not always at…

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Gratitude the Key to Happiness

Is An Attitude of Gratitude the Key to Happiness?

Many people have traveled the world to search for happiness. People go to great lengths and sacrifice many things in order to be happy. Happiness is important and this is…

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being productive at office

What Does Being Productive Really Mean?

Living a life of productivity is definitely a worthy pursuit. However, the term is thrown around so much nowadays that the actual definition has lost its importance. “Productivity” has become…

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meditating monk

Embrace Your Inner Self

As human beings, we have an inherent tendency to avoid standing out from the crowd. Our survival from the very beginning relied on safety in numbers and, funny enough; this…

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winning mindset

Top 10 Ways to Maintain Perspective During Challenging Times

How well do you handle challenges? With the right perspective, any situation can be handled effectively and with minimal drama. Learning to direct your thoughts and attention are valuable assets…

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problem solving

Using Creative Thinking To Solve Problems

Creativity is one of the most underrated yet incredible traits that a person can possess. This is one of the few talents that, while it can be improved to some…

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angry woman

Stop Beating Yourself Up

Often times, we allow a mistake or wrong decision to negatively impact our lives long after the incidence occurred. By doing so, we end up being unable to actually enjoy…

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7 Skills

7 Important Life Skills to Teach Your Children

Schools rarely provide the beneficial life skills that your children will need when going out into the “real world”. These are skills that all parents need to try and instill…

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13 Ways to Say “Thank You”

Two of the most powerful words in the English language are “thank you.” With those two words, you can express appreciation for a kind gesture or service someone has done…

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The Bounce-Back Solution for Your Discouraging Days

Even though the sun rises every day, there are times that it doesn’t reflect what your feeling on the inside. There are some days that are just discouraging. And in…

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