5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Mood and Beat the Blues

Mental health is a crucial aspect of our overall well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act on a daily basis. When our mental health is in good shape,…

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Caucasian woman playing an acoustic guitar

Simple Things You Can Do Every Day To Make Yourself Happier

Have you ever sat around and thought about what makes other people’s lives so great that they seem happy most of the time? You’ve probably decided they’ve been dealt better…

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person taking action on problems

Why Taking Action is the Thing That Matters

Do you spend all of your free time reading and gathering information? Are you a self-help junkie that never seems to make any meaningful progress in your life? Are you…

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coping with anxiety

9 Healthy Tips to Help Cope With Anxiety

If you struggle with anxiety on a daily basis, you may find yourself using unhealthy methods, such as drug or alcohol abuse, to cope with it. For obvious reasons, this…

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A Foolproof Formula for Staying Focused While You Work at Home

A Foolproof Formula for Staying Focused While You Work at Home

If you’ve been working from home for a while and find your productivity has been slowly going down during these months, it’s important to go over these important tips and…

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tap your mind

Tap Into Your Imagination and Release Your Creative Genius

You have a powerful imagination even if you don’t realize it. Your brain is able to generate some great ideas. While your imagination is always available, it’s not always at…

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Gratitude the Key to Happiness

Is An Attitude of Gratitude the Key to Happiness?

Many people have traveled the world to search for happiness. People go to great lengths and sacrifice many things in order to be happy. Happiness is important and this is…

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being productive at office

What Does Being Productive Really Mean?

Living a life of productivity is definitely a worthy pursuit. However, the term is thrown around so much nowadays that the actual definition has lost its importance. “Productivity” has become…

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meditating monk

Embrace Your Inner Self

As human beings, we have an inherent tendency to avoid standing out from the crowd. Our survival from the very beginning relied on safety in numbers and, funny enough; this…

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winning mindset

Top 10 Ways to Maintain Perspective During Challenging Times

How well do you handle challenges? With the right perspective, any situation can be handled effectively and with minimal drama. Learning to direct your thoughts and attention are valuable assets…

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