Amazing Immunity Boosting Tea

Amazing Immunity Boosting Tea

Herbal teas can be used to boost your immunity, especially during the colder seasons. There are few things more comforting than sipping on a warm tea during the winter.

Use this recipe to keep the colds at bay.


* ¼ cup dried rose petals

* ¼ cup dried holy basil

* 2 tbsp cinnamon powder

* 2 tbsp ginger powder

* ¼ cup dried elderberries

* ¼ cup dried lemon balm


Blend all the ingredients well.

Store the mix in an airtight container. This mix is like your new ‘tea’ powder.

Mix 1 heaping teaspoon in a cup of hot water and stir well before consuming.

This all-natural tea can be consumed 3 or more times a day.

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