5 Solid Reasons To Go Organic

5 Solid Reasons To Go Organic

We make hundreds of little decisions every single day, however, some of those decisions are much bigger than we realize and they have more impact that we could ever imagine.

For example, when you wander the aisles of the supermarket and get to the produce department, do you reach for the standard apple or do you steer your cart to the organic section for the more expensive choice?

More Americans are buying organic now than ever before and that number is only set to grow. Organic foods are more expensive, yes, however, they come with long-term benefits to your health and the environment.

1.Nutritional Benefits
Foods that are grown or reared organically can contain more minerals and vitamins. This is because the soil in organically grown foods are closely managed and nourished using sustainable methods. A meta-review of over 40 studies found that there is more nutritional value to fruits organically grown than those grown conventionally. The same is said to be true for grains and vegetables. As a result, five portions of vegetables that have been organically grown provide an average of 22% more vitamins and minerals.

2.Avoiding GMOs
Genetically modified foods are more prevalent in your food supply than you realize – and in America, there is no need for these foods to be labeled as such. The only way to guarantee you are not eating these types of food is to buy organic.

3.Avoid Antibiotics & Hormones
Animal products, like dairy and meats, are at the greatest risk of being contaminated by hormones and antibiotics. In fact, according to the EPA, a majority of the chemicals we consume are from animal products, simply because it is these foods which are highest on the food chain. A good example would be cows eating animal parts and grains that have been exposed to chemicals and toxins.

We also know that our animals are fed antibiotics. The Center for Global Development suggests that around 70% of the antibiotics that are sold in the US are used on animal, and not always for therapeutic purposes. Additionally, farmers are known to give their cattle growth hormones to increase how much meat they produce and how much milk they provide – which means you are consuming those.

4.Soil & Water Protection
Our environment is being contaminated by pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals – and this is destroying both our farmland and our water supply. Organic standards prevent the use of toxic chemicals in the food supply, thus ensuring you are protecting from harmful additives. The organic method of farming doesn’t just protect the soil, it is enriching it and building healthier soil, which is the very foundation of our food chain. It’s also helping to build a healthier environment.

5.Protect The Future
The only way to protect the future is by putting your money where your mouth is.

Food in America is a trillion-dollar industry and by spending your hard-earned dollars on organic products you are sending a direct message to the powers that be that your vote is for a sustainable future.

Of course, in addition to the benefits above, you will also be able to enjoy your food more. Not just because it tastes better, but because you can rest easier knowing you are eating safe products and protecting the environment while you’re at it. What could be more satisfying?




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