12 Healthy Ways to Distract Your Mind

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We all have ways of distracting ourselves. In a sense, we’re all addicts. We all have ways of soothing ourselves when we feel bad. Some people utilize unhealthy distractions, such as drugs, alcohol, unhealthy food, inappropriate sex, or excessive spending.

Neutral distractions include things like TV, reading fiction, and mindlessly surfing the internet.

However, there are healthy distractions, too. If you really need a distraction, it makes sense to be healthy about it. After you’ve distracted yourself for a while, you can be in a better position to deal with the challenges in your life.

Consider these healthy distractions:

1. Have a healthy snack. Some people use potato chips as comfort food. Maybe you can use an apple or a few carrot sticks. Use healthy foods that you truly enjoy and put 100% of the focus on eating. Avoid allowing your mind to wander.

2. Exercise. A run, a walk, or a game of tennis can be a healthy way of focusing your attention on something other than your challenges.

3. Review old photos. Reviewing old photos can be a soothing trip down memory lane. You’ll feel less stressed and might even crack a smile or two.

4. Watch something educational. If you’re going to watch TV or YouTube, use the time productively. Learn about something that interests you. This is more worthwhile than watching videos of people slipping and falling on the ice. Use your time wisely.

5. Read something educational. Instead of reading a comic book or romance novel, use the time to read non-fiction. You’ll distract yourself and learn something useful.

6. Volunteer. Putting your attention on others is a great and healthy distraction. You might even decide that your own challenges aren’t as great as you thought. You’ll be happy with yourself, too.

7. Be creative. Creative activities require a lot of focus and attention. Paint, play an instrument, or write a short story. Work on an invention of some sort. Creative activities are great for your brain, too.

8. Give someone a hug. Hugs are good for both parties. Find someone appropriate to hug and hug them. Everyone loves a good hug.

9. Make a gratitude list. Put your attention on something positive. Make a long list of everything in your life that makes you feel grateful. Your mood will improve greatly.

10. Take a nap. A nap is the ultimate distraction. If you’re worried, you could probably use a little rest anyway. Naps are certainly a healthy option if you’re feeling the need for a distraction.

11. Meditate. Meditation is all about putting your full attention on something. If you’re 100% focused on your breath, you don’t have any room for worry. There’s a lot of free information available on the subject.

12. Listen to classical music. Classical music is soothing and good for your brain. There’s plenty of free classical music available for free online.

We all need a distraction now and then. Realize that distractions are simply ways of dealing with unpleasant feelings. Distractions are never solutions but can put you in a better frame of mind for dealing with the challenges in your life. The best distractions are healthy and fun!

Make a list of healthy ways you can distract yourself that you believe you would enjoy. The next time you believe you need a distraction, try one of the items on your list. Try all of them and, over time, you’ll identify those that work best for you.

Whatever healthy distractions you choose to utilize, make sure you’re 100% engaged on the activity. It’s not really a distraction if you’re still thinking about the challenges in your life.

Originally posted 2020-05-13 15:30:15.

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